I’ve been in the writing game for more than thirty years.

Some things haven’t changed.

I have to work on my mindset every day.

Distraction 😥
Self-doubt 😥
Overwhelm 😥

At least I’m not alone.

Stephen Pressfield is a screenwriter and author of 50 years – and he’s still plagued by mindset problems.

He’s written about what he calls Resistance, a malevolent character out to stop us creating. He’s got an excellent FREE email course (sign up via his website) based on his first book, The War of Art.

It’s aimed at writers but the principles apply to anyone.

The overriding message is that mindset challenges are normal when you’re trying to create something.

The good news is that we can thwart that resistance.

It involves habits.

Follow the habits to do the work.

I like to think I’m smart for coming up with some key habits for countering resistance ( but really, it’s what everyone recommends.

Stephen Pressfield says it’s how he deals with resistance and in his email course, quotes the great Twyla Tharp, choreographer and creative genius, who wrote The Creative Habit.

She says, “It’s vital to establish some rituals, automatic but decisive patterns or behavior, at the beginning of the creative process when you are most at peril of turning back, chickening out, giving up, or going the wrong way.”

Here’s what’s important about habits.

The habit is not the writing or whatever you’re working on.

The habit is what you do to ignore self-doubt, distractions and the overwhelm that stands in the way of getting it done.

For Twyla Tharp, it’s the cab ride to the dance studio every morning.

For me, it’s making myself go into the territory every day.

What is it for you? I’d love to know.

If you want to work on your writing mindset.

Never doubt it – you can be a happier writer. And I’d be happy to help 😁

Feel free to get in touch to talk about how I can help you. Email me, sherene@sherenestrahan.com

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