Create content. Get known.

I’m Sherene Strahan, a writer and a writing coach for women with something to say.

I can work with you on the strategy and skills to develop your voice, hone your content, expand your influence and impact. I can also partner with you to provide co-authored or ghostwritten content.

I can help harness what you know to build an audience and expand your career, business and contribution. 

It’s about the skills I learned as a TV journalist and use every day to get writing done. Even when I don’t feel like it.

It’s about a way of thinking to build the courage and creativity to put yourself out there.

How I can help

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I’ve created a free reminder about the simple writing habits that will help you be a better, more confident, altogether happier writer. 

Knowing the habits is great and that might be all you need to be prolific and effective.

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Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. It was fantastic to have fresh eyes and insightful feedback. Her passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story offers a fresh way of marketing.

woman in green shirt smiling at camera
Kelly Hine, Mindfulness Mentor

Sherene helped me position myself more clearly and find a written voice that matched my true message and intent. She has an uncanny ability to shift your writing so it resonates more powerfully. Cindy Kennedy, Empowerment Coach/Speaker Rise to Shine

woman in red pantsuit smiling at the camera
Cindy Kennedy, Women’s Leadership

Sherene is professional, capable and skilful. She helped rewrite my media releases and instilled in me the confidence to give video a go. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their business. Jo Atkinson, Nutritionist for Mums and Bubs

Woman with short dark hair smiling at the camera
Jo Atkinson, Nutritionist