Hello, I'm Sherene

I’m a journalist-writer and a coach helping women to create better content, more often, for greater impact.

If you’re a woman who wants to get known for what you know, read on.

You could be the go-to person in your field

You’ve got the expertise, experience and enthusiasm.

What’s holding you back?

More women deserve to be well known. They’re running successful businesses, making a difference in people’s lives, boosting the reputation of their profession.

But they’re stuck – lacking the confidence or know-how to take their central message to a bigger audience.

Is that you?

I’ve spent my career creating content that attracts an audience and keeps people coming back. That’s what I know. And now I want my experience and expertise to help women like you get known by more people.

So they can be seen – and so they can see themselves – as thought leaders in their field.

Confidence is key

There are so many ways to reach and captivate an audience: blogs, media articles, videos, podcasts.

But you have to be confident that you’re showing the best of you.

That’s where I come in.

I can help you identify your central message, the one that will matter to the audience you want. I can show you what’s unique and valuable about you, and help get that in front of more people who will care.

Once we have worked together, your voice really will matter more – to more people.

How does it work? 

The first step is a Free Strategy Session. It’s thirty minutes over Zoom where you’ll let me know what you need, I’ll ask questions (lots probably – that’s the journo side of me) and then I’ll give you ideas for moving forward. 

Click here to book your free Strategy Session.

After that? 

You can book individual sessions as often as you need them. Power Hour Consultations are $270 per session and they’re great for working on single focus needs. Things like prepping for a podcast or brainstorming a book outline, putting together a press release or reviewing an article you’d like to pitch to a media outlet.

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If you’d like to get to know me better, I’m on Linked In, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – more some days than others. But I’m consistent in sending out a regular newsletter with support and strategies for your content. Subscribe below – it will be great to have you with us.

Work with me



Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. It was fantastic to have fresh eyes and insightful feedback. Her passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story offers a fresh way of marketing.

woman in green shirt smiling at camera
Kelly Hine, Mindfulness Mentor

Sherene helped me position myself more clearly and find a written voice that matched my true message and intent. She has an uncanny ability to shift your writing so it resonates more powerfully. Cindy Kennedy, Empowerment Coach/Speaker Rise to Shine

woman in red pantsuit smiling at the camera
Cindy Kennedy, Women’s Leadership

Sherene is professional, capable and skilful. She helped rewrite my media releases and instilled in me the confidence to give video a go. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their business. Jo Atkinson, Nutritionist for Mums and Bubs

Woman with short dark hair smiling at the camera
Jo Atkinson, Nutritionist