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Is writing for your business more stressful than successful?

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Hi, I’m Sherene. I’ve been a TV journalist and producer but now I help businesses to improve their content and win over more people who can benefit from what they do.

Content like email newsletters, blogs, social media and even videos or podcasts – they all give you an amazing way to talk to people. I can show you how to make the most of content marketing to win the right audience for you.

Digital content can be your greatest business asset. But creating good quality material is an ongoing challenge.

Is that you? You want to improve your content but you’re not sure how?

If you could benefit from a bit of know-how from someone who’s on your side, book a free consultation or get my newsletter. Let’s work on getting more success than stress in your life.

Content marketing is a way for brands to sell themselves.

It’s an opportunity ignored by many, which gives serious advantage to anyone doing it well.

The old way to attract attention was through advertising and writing to sell. The message of the brand came first.

Breaking through is harder now. There may be greater potential to reach more people but there’s also more competition for their attention. Plus people are rejecting advertising and empty jargon. They’re sick of being sold to.

Content marketing is replacing ‘writing to sell’ by creating material that is useful to people. It draws audiences to you, holds their attention and gives the chance to show how your business can benefit them.

I run productive sessions so teams and individuals can develop the mindset and techniques to create more powerful, high-quality original content. Contact me to get better at choosing and writing the sort of stories that people want to tell others about.

It’s easier than ever to get 15 minutes of fame.

The best storytellers know how to make it last.

For many businesses, developing authority and credibility in their field is an important part of their growth strategy. Being recognised by peers and the marketplace for being the best at what they do brings distinct competitive advantage.

To do it well, everyone in the business – from the CEO down – needs to know and be able to communicate the stories of the business in a way that’s meaningful and memorable. They need to be empathic story gatherers as well as engaging story tellers.

It’s not enough just to tell the why and how of the brand. There are stories from those involved with the business – customers and staff, suppliers and investors – and there are stories that demonstrate the depth of knowledge and expertise in the business.

These are the stories that propel a business to a leadership role within its field. They deserve to be found and told well.

As a TV journalist, I had to write so the audience would keep coming back.

Now I show businesses how to it for themselves.

Journalism is storytelling with a purpose and for businesses hungry to connect with the right people, it’s a proven way to make sure the customer’s needs are met every time.

These days you have to put your audience first. They won’t stick around if your content is just about selling. By giving information and inspiration in your field of expertise, you can build trust, boost sales and inspire loyal advocates.

When you pinpoint what people want, you can write about the topics that mean something to them. Edit for clarity, add great images and publish in the places that are a natural fit.

I coach individuals and teams to help them develop the skills to tell worthwhile stories in an excellent way. I show how to turn copywriting into trustworthy, useful content that speaks to people using a genuine brand voice.

Pushing your message through copywriting and advertising won’t work anymore.

Now you have to draw an audience in with value and authenticity.

Trust. Reputation. Relationships. They’ve never been more important to business. Or harder to manage authentically. People have lost faith in the business sector, and these days they’ve got the power to ignore its marketing and advertising.

How can businesses win back their customers and clients?

Many companies now employ journalists to tell their brand stories. They’re skilled at finding the most attention-grabbing best stories and telling them in a compelling way. But you don’t have to hire a journalist – you can learn to do what they do.

I coach individuals and teams to help them develop the skills to tell worthwhile stories in an excellent way. Find out how to turn your copywriting into genuine and valuable content, using your real brand voice.

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“Sherene is producing a suite of videos for Helena College, telling ‘our story’ in an authentic and engaging way. She helps us promote the College with professionalism, innovation and flair.

Helena College
Director, Community Relations

“Sherene’s passion for journalism, combined with great attention to detail made for a world class producer. The industry misses her talent. 

Sky News
CEO Sky News Australia

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. It was fantastic to have fresh eyes and insightful feedback. Her passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story offers a fresh way of marketing.

Kelly Hine
Body & Soul Retreats

“Sherene is professional, capable and skilful. She helped rewrite my media releases and instilled a confidence in me to give video a go. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their business using smart writing.

Jo Atkinson
Real Food Families

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