I’m Sherene – I help women create content that’s more them. 

After 30+ years in journalism, communications and marketing, I know how to attract attention and keep it (that’s harder).

I work with women who have something to say – they just need support to get it out there on a consistent basis. They want to feel that they can do this.

You can do this. You can be yourself and get known. You can create regular content without sacrificing more of your life. You can connect in a genuine way with the people you can help. You can get known for what you know. 

You can get to know me through my weekly email, Thursday Love, about good writing habits, and the monthly Sunday Letter about building courage and creativity to trust your own voice. Sign up here.

Or you can email me, sherene@sherenestrahan.com to start a conversation about how I can help you, either through coaching or ghostwriting services.