Give them reasons to choose you

The way you present yourself to the world shapes how people see you – and just as importantly, how you see yourself.

We think we know how we come across but it’s hard to judge with any real confidence. 

It’s normal to have a blindspot (sometimes it can be huge) about what we are signalling to other people.

And it’s hard to judge if all your hard work is really the best way to market your business or personal brand.

How do you know if you are being strategic with your storytelling, and really giving people reasons to choose you?

That’s where I come in

I’m Sherene, and I’ve spent years developing my storytelling craft through a career in journalism, and then in marketing. I’ve gained valuable experience and skills that help me to help you serve your audience well, so you can achieve your goals and make a difference.

As well as providing consulting services for organisations and businesses, I work one-on-one with women who are committed to building their own dedicated audience through genuine and generous storytelling.

Giving people reasons to choose you doesn’t have to be complicated. It does require a strategic approach. 

To find out more, you can get in touch by email, book a free Inquiry Call, or choose one of the services below. If you’re unsure what you need, filling out this Inquiry Form can help organise your thoughts.

Anchor Bio (done for you)

A well crafted Anchor Bio is the foundation for your brand identity, showing who you are, what you can do and what you have achieved.

It’s the anchor for everywhere you show up publicly. That includes your website, especially the Home and About Pages, your profile on Linked In and other social media platforms, speaking engagements and presentations, plus podcast interviews and other media appearances.

It also does wonders for your confidence. 

After reading her new bio, one client was astonished at the difference it made to the way she thought of herself –  ‘Wow – I’d hire me!’ was her immediate response.

A professionally written Anchor Bio is an investment in your future success. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or want to revamp an existing bio, we can set you up for greater opportunities.

We’ll start with a call to discuss what’s needed, and you’ll send me relevant materials. When your bio is written, you’ll have two weeks to request revisions (up to 2 rounds). Then it’s ready to start working for you, everywhere you need to be seen as the professional you are.

Tap My Brain

If you just want an hour or so of my time, you can Tap My Brain, for 25+ years of storytelling experience and ideas. 

Over 60-90 minutes, we’ll discuss your idea, project, quandary.

I’ll provide action points, insights and ideas during the call, which you record so you can check back to see if you’re staying on track. The goal for both of us is to keep you moving forward. 


From time to time, I have openings for new coaching clients seeking either a single session or a series of sessions to enhance their skills.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from many talented and inspiring professionals over my 30+ years in storytelling. Now, coaching/mentoring is one way to share what I’ve gained. I get great satisfaction from getting to understand delving into my clients’ strengths, challenges, and goals, helping them uncover opportunities they might have overlooked.

If you are interested in working with me, you can schedule an Inquiry Call or get in touch by email to learn more about availability and rates. I’m here to support your growth and development.

Copy and Content Writing

I also offer strategic writing services, including website copy and content, case studies, feature articles for brand publications and ghostwriting for thought leaders (aspiring and existing). There are more details on the Copy & Content page.