Work with me

Hi, I’m Sherene and I’m on a mission to help more women get their voice heard.

I’m a journalist as well as a coach for women with something to say.

Women who have the experience and expertise to contribute to bigger public conversations in a meaningful way.

As a television producer and journalist, I’ve spent years shaping high-quality content that shows people at their best – from everyday newsmakers to current affairs reporters and top-rating TV presenters. 

Tap into my expertise and experience when you need someone to nudge you (firmly but gently) towards your potential.

Sherene helped me position myself more clearly and find a written voice that matched my true message and intent. She has an uncanny ability to shift your writing so it resonates more powerfully. Cindy Kennedy, Rise to Shine

Find out how I can help.

I can work with you on the strategy and skills to develop your voice, hone your content, expand your influence and impact. I can also partner with you to provide co-authored or ghostwritten content.

Email to start a conversation, or click here to book a free session to talk through your big ideas and driving purpose.

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. It was fantastic to have fresh eyes and insightful feedback. Her passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story offers a fresh way of marketing. Kelly Hine, Body & Soul Retreats

Your voice really does matter – let’s help more people hear it.