Let’s have another baby.

That was my excited suggestion as we drove to towards our first beach holiday – with a toddler and a new baby.

Both boys were asleep, which was nothing short of amazing because our firstborn had screamed constantly in the car until he was a few months old. Yet this golden-haired cherub was adjusting to everything without fuss.

Obviously it was a sign. Babies could be a breeze.

My husband kept his eyes fixed on the road as he gently suggested giving this baby time to grow before rushing into the next one.

Everything needs time to grow.

I’ve always been impulsive and it’s come to be a troubling habit.

Especially with writing.

Last year I sent out a few opinion pieces to newspapers, after doing a course with the Australian Writers’ Centre. But none of them were picked up and reading them back, I know why.

They were the babies I rushed.

I had finished the course determined to get published, writing a piece every week for a while and pitching them straight away. I should have put them away before thrusting them out into the world. They were only half grown.

Even though I’ve been a journalist for a long time, this was a new field and I wasn’t giving my work long enough to mature.

Yes, there are times when we should be brave enough to publish without overthinking.

There are also times when we need to hold back and make sure it’s ready for the world.

Knowing the difference is about knowing yourself.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have someone who can give you that gentle warning – Maybe it’s not time yet?

If there’s nobody you trust, listen to your own instincts. They are probably right.

We didn’t end up having more. We decided two boys was enough. And only occasionally do I wonder if we should have gone for that third after all…

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