People come to me when they want a professional opinion on where and how to improve writing or video projects. My background means I can zero in on ways to polish any kind of content.

Some people come to me for feedback and editing or rewriting suggestions on content such as website pages, articles, blog posts. Others want me to bring fresh eyes to material that they know isn’t working but they’re not sure how to fix. Then there’s the clutter – so often the best messages and stories get lost in a sea of information but working out what to keep and what to delete is too hard when you’re so close to it.

After working in television. I’m really comfortable around the camera and I can help turn it from foe to friend for you too. I love video and I can see so much opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to really connect with people through the camera.

The best way to start is by getting in touch to let me know what you want help with. Most consulting sessions involve some preparation for both of us, then an hour or so together to work on the improvements or strategies to get you moving forward. Afterwards, I’ll send a written summary which acts as a useful guide to improving over the longer term as well.


Coaching is a partnership, where I guide you towards improving your writing and video content creation. It’s a time honoured way to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.

The Benefits

CLARITY You’ll reach a new level of understanding about what you’re doing and how to improve.

FOCUS Working with a coach brings motivation and accountability – vital to achieving goals

FRAMEWORK I can teach you a useful framework to make writing easier and more effective

EXPERTISE You’ll have someone with specialised knowledge and years of experience on your side.

After investing in coaching, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to make creating content something you love to do for your business.

To get the most from a coaching package, you will need

  • An existing website and/or social media platforms
  • A good idea of your target market
  • Dedication to the coaching process – I will set deadlines and I will expect you to meet them, for your sake!
  • A belief in the value of great content
  • To be ready to make great strides in your marketing.

You don’t have to be a confident or consistent writer – that’s for us to work on together.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to put the structure in place to tell your stories in a bold way. And don’t worry – everyone’s version of bold is unique. This is about your bold.

Email me to find out more or book a free 20-minute Content Consult.


You want writing to be easier and more effective.

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