You never know when or how your voice will matter

What if using your voice made all the difference to someone?
Made them say, ‘Oh I never thought of that’ and then take action.
Got them to realise, ‘Oh I never knew that’ and then take action.
That would feel good, wouldn’t it?
But what if it was only one person? Just one who was inspired by what you wrote.
And if you knew beforehand that it would only be one person, would you still spend time on it?

I hope so. 
Because – we just don’t know who that one person is or what they will do…
Their voice might make all the difference to someone else and that person might be the one who saves a life or makes a huge breakthrough in their field or starts a dialogue between two warring factions.
We just don’t know.
I’m using my voice right now.
In my communications job, I’m being dogged on behalf of my audience about separating facts from fear.  I wrote about how to do it for Linked In: ‘Hey Chicken Littles, there’s something you could do instead.’.
And outside work, I’m looking for moments of loveliness and sharing on Facebook and Instagram #CheerfulLoveliness.
We need your voice right now, speaking out with love for the highest good of all. 
Don’t be reticent – you don’t know what your voice will do for one person, and what that person will do.
 Until next time, I wish you comfort and courage.