I’m an experienced journalist and content marketing writer, specialising in Education, Health and Lifestyle stories. Twelve years in news journalism means I can write pretty much anything. 

As a television producer and reporter, I researched, wrote and sub-edited news stories and current affairs features for a range of programmes.

Since leaving TV, my writing repertoire has expanded to include digital and content marketing: blog posts, newsletters, media releases, annual reports, websites and social media posts. 

As marketing and communications manager for a private school, I produced a variety of original content, photos and videos. I have ghostwritten speeches and articles for the school’s executive team and developed the school’s crisis communications during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I am also an experienced blogger, specialising in communications. I have a newsletter for subscribers and a consistent social media presence on Linked In, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Some of my work

Far from Harmless

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I wrote this for The Cultural Times  – an independent quarterly magazine produced by consulting firm RedHead Communications, which specialises in effective cross-cultural communication, conflict management, and the advancement of leadership skills.

NASA Intern

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I wrote dozens of articles and blog posts for Helena College, many of which made it into the local papers. NASA Intern is about a school graduate who was invited to work at NASA. The blog post and media release led to a newspaper story that showcased the school’s value to a wider audience.

Year 6 at Helena College

Click here to read this article – written to address questions and concerns from prospective parents. In 2016, the school moved Year 6 to the high school campus and I wrote a range of marketing materials to allay parents’ fears and inspire excitement about the opportunities for their children.

Please contact me by email, sherene@sherenestrahan.com, to see further samples of my work, or to discuss writing or editing projects.