It’s a good time to seriously consider the idea of writing a book. The publishing landscape is changing, with more opportunities for people like us to create books with less effort and less stress.

Could you write a book? 

If the answer was no, I’m guessing it’s because you think don’t have enough. Not enough time, knowledge, profile, contacts. 
But like I said, publishing is changing.  

The Author’s Quest: A Fairy Tale 
High in the mountains of a far-off land, in the tallest tower of a cold and lonely castle, a beautiful princess (the reader) is crying. 
For she is locked in the tower and is unable to fulfil her true destiny (solve her problem): to meet and marry a handsome prince. 
News of the princess’s plight has reached a brave knight (writer) who knows that, if he could only reach the princess (get published), he could unlock the door that stands between her and freedom. 
But this quest holds fearsome challenges. 
Getting there will take many days of travel (writing) and he has a day job. Where will he find the time?
He’s heard the castle is inhabited by ogres (publishers) who must be convinced to open the drawbridge and let him in.  And then, he must battle terrible dragons (critics) before he can reach the princess. 
It’s almost enough to convince him not to bother. 
But – look, he’s decided to have a go. 

After making a plan, he discovers that he’s already done a lot of the hard work by staying fit (writing blog posts) and sharpening his weapons (collecting ideas).
Now he’s at the castle and a band of plucky renegades (indie and self-publishing houses) have pushed the ogres aside – they’re raising the drawbridge and welcoming our hero.
In he goes, and here are the dragons. Oh no, he thinks as he raises his trembling sword. But their flames of fury don’t reach him – they’re too far away. They roar and stamp their feet as he bounds up the stairs and pushes open the tower door to meet his own true love. 

The End 
Or, Not Really The End – Just The Beginning. 

There are lots of reasons why writing a book feels like too big a quest. But maybe, like the stereotypes in a fairy tale, they’re not relevant anymore. 

Maybe, like me, you already have a body of work to tap into.
Work that could yield ideas for a specific theme on something that is important to people, right now.

Maybe, like me, you could think of it not as an overwhelming ‘write a book’ project, but rather a series of small tasks designed to bring together relevant material.

Maybe, again like me, you could consider self-publishing. Lots of people, big names and beginners, are embracing independence. I’m a fan of Mark Schaefer who has eight best-selling books and only went with a publishing house for the first two. He explains why in, Should you self-publish a book or go with a traditional publisher?  

Maybe you could be encouraged by a growing market for e-books, one that’s expected to more than double in the next five years. 

They sound like good odds to me, so I’ve started working on a short book about how to be really worthwhile when you’re being interviewed for a podcast.

How about you – do you think maybe now you can write a book after all?