When I first moved to Sydney, I cried for weeks. It drove my boyfriend crazy. We’d been planning the move since meeting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He was an acting student and I was doing broadcasting.

But once we were there, I was afraid. Sydney was dazzling and everyone looked so confident.   

What if I couldn’t make it in the big-time?

I cried as I drove through the city, taunted by billboards advertising the TV news shows. It was my dream to work for the top-rating Nine News but what if it didn’t happen?

I cried as the weeks went by, and my heart was as sore as my feet from eight hours a day waitressing. 

I even cried when I got my first reporting job and headed off to a country TV station. What if I never got the chance to work in a Sydney newsroom? What if country reporting was as far as I could go?

It can be lonely chasing a dream. But it’s lonelier to give up.

I hope you’re here because of a dream. 

I hope you dream of raising your voice so more people can hear you.

Because my dream now is to see more women becoming known as thought leaders.

That’s why I coach and mentor women to stand out.

Using what I’ve learned as a journalist, I help you with the mindset, skills, and strategy to be seen and heard.

I show you how to get known for your knowledge and experience, your insights, and your unique contribution.

And yes, I did make it back to Sydney. 

And I got to work for Channel Nine. 

After New South Wales, I did an award-winning stint in Alice Springs and then I joined Channel Nine as a news producer.  It was everything I’d dreamed of. Glamorous, demanding, fast-paced and high pressure. I loved it. And I learned a lot.

I worked on the Today Show and A Current Affair, Nine News Sydney and Seven News Perth, and the ABC’s 7.30 Report.

I still work as a journalist, mostly freelancing on documentaries and feature-writing. I’ve also worked in specialist communications and marketing while raising a family and doing a couple of degrees.

My biggest thrill is helping women get known. 

It can be lonely chasing a dream on your own. I needed help along the way:

• To point out where and how I could do better.

• To show me how to give the audience what they needed.

• To connect the dots into a bigger picture when all I could see was… dots.

Over time, I built my skills and more importantly my confidence that I did have what it takes to make it.

I got the workplace coaching I needed to achieve my dreams but not everyone gets that.

And that’s why I offer coaching now too – passing on what I’ve learned so others can raise their voices. 

Interested in working with me? 

I run Content Writing Groups for women. We meet on Zoom once a week for around an hour. It’s long enough to start building practical and effective writing habits. 

I offer a free 30-minute Strategy Session over Zoom, so we can work out how I can help with your specific needs.

My Individual Consultations are great for working things like prepping for a podcast or brainstorming a book, putting together a press release, or checking an article you’d like to pitch to a publication.

Or there’s coaching over the long term to building an audience, profile, and presence. Email me to start a conversation about a plan that would meet your needs.

It’s about making dreams come true (without the crying).