Take the photo

I was once married to an actor. He was a nice person, just not the right person for me. 

We met when he was in drama school and by the time we married, he was well known as a lead in a family TV show.

He wanted to be a movie star. I think he thought television might open doors for him. 

It didn’t. He did a few things after the show but nothing much and now I hear he’s left acting for good.

He was a hard worker, talented and creative but he hated marketing himself. He rarely went to the industry functions – the parties or the drinks where he could be meeting directors and casting agents. He often said he knew he should be out there, being seen, but he’d rather go for a surf or walk the dog.

We were well matched in that way – I didn’t like being on show either and was quite satisfied with a quiet life. 

But if I could send a message back to both of us in those days, I’d say ‘Take the photo’.

Go to the events, see and be seen and take the photo to show you were there.

Let people see who you are. Remind yourself who you can be.

Remind yourself who you can be.

The fear of being pushy, being self-promoting, held John back and me too. I spent twelve years in television, working with big names on big shows. But I have very few photos to show for it. I never wanted to ‘trouble’ people by asking for a quick picture.

And then, earlier this year, I surprised myself by asking a shop assistant to take a photo of me and mum on a shopping trip.  After mum died just a couple of weeks later, that photo took on new significance.

So – take the photo. Get one with the team you work with, the people who support you and who make you laugh. Ask for a quick picture with the author at a book signing you attended. Get a snap with work you’re proud of and in places you love.

Even selfies aren’t selfish – they’re an investment in who we are at our best. An investment in memories.

Take the photo.

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