My mind is constantly beset by ideas, dancing and leaping around me, taunting with their magical possibilities.

Afraid to lose them, I seize one after another and store them carefully away. 
But then what? 
They can’t stay in those jars forever, sparkling until their light goes out.

After a while, we have to unscrew the lid and let the ideas out. 

Those that come back will be ours – beautiful ideas that do justice to who we are and what we want to say.

Those that leave will find someone new to delight. They were never ours to keep.

If we had tried, they would have turned into terrible ideas. They may have lit up a path that wasn’t right for us – or worse, slowly faded away and left us in the darkness of all we cannot have. 

There will never be a shortage of ideas for those who seek them. May the beauty of your ideas be equalled by the light they bring to others. 

Image by ĐÔ NGUYỄN from Pixabay