Pain or Joy?

Three signs spelling out the word JOY
Solving a problem is a short-sighted approach.
One of the ‘commandments’ of writing for business is to know your customer’s pain point and give them a solution.
But what happens then?
I know when I find a solution to one problem, I spend very little time doing a happy dance because I’m off to solve my next problem.
The experience that a solution brings is short-lived and does very little to start or develop your relationship with people. 
A solution is an answer to a closed question.
What if you moved beyond pain points and instead asked yourself, What brings them joy? 
To consider joy is to offer people an open question – like, How do you feel after spending time reading my newsletter, engaging with my socials, watching my videos?
If their answer is, I feel satisfied, wiser, happier, wiser, more fulfilled, more enthusiastic, more capable then you’re giving joy. 

And joy is the start of a conversation, not just the answer to a question.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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