The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. Coco Chanel

I think Chanel was right to add the ‘aloud’ bit.

It’s ‘aloud’ that takes courage. Thinking in itself doesn’t lead anywhere. It’s the sharing that can make it potent, audacious, dangerous, life-changing.

Sitting down each Sunday to write means time to think and wonder, ponder and question.

I know that having readers is a gift and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. 

The blog also goes out as an email ‘newsletter’ but lately I’ve been wondering, ‘What the heck really is an email newsletter and why should anyone care?’

So the industry definition is that an email newsletter is all about the business and is ‘designed to gently push readers towards conversion.’ To buy something. 

That kind of email is one I don’t care to get or to send.

The best emails I get aren’t like that at all. They’re more like letters. Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene, Amanda Kendle on thoughtful travel in Not a Ballerina, Mark Schaefer on thoughtful marketing through his {grow} blog and newsletter, and Jay Acunzo’s blog about creativity, podcasting and doing better work.

They do have things to sell but that’s not the point of their emails. Their emails simply take me on their thinking journey.

It’s kinda nice.

So, I changed my thinking about my writing and now I think of myself writing a weekly letter, instead of a blog post or an email newsletter.

A letter that’s outward facing and centred around sharing my own  thinking journey with very nice companions. Our destination together will always be around writing and communicating in an outstanding way with our audience. Always about how to make your voice matter. Always about being worthwhile.

It feels like time to make changes.

The sudden death of my beloved mum this year prompted me to write, ‘On grief and growth, and ask, ‘Is the life I’m leading now what I want for the future?’. It seems the answer was no, because I decided to resign my job and leap from employment into a blank space. I’ve done it before and it’s always worked out well. Fingers crossed for this time…

Next year will be the time to embrace more writing (freelance journalism, ghostwriting, books), more consultancy/coaching and further study with a masters degree (Strategic Communication).

But one thing’s for sure – I’ll still do my thinking out loud.