The start of the month is when I reach back to my TV newsroom days and channel my inner COS.

The newsroom COS – Chief of Staff – has the enormous task of keeping tabs on everything to do with news gathering. 

They monitor locally breaking news, assign reporters and crews to chase stories, and generally keep all the balls in the air. 

They know which reporter had a night on the sauce (they get the fluffy end story) and where camera crews disappear to (Bill & Toni’s for coffee in my Sydney days). 

They use a whiteboard to monitor which crew is where and what they are covering. They know if just one ball drops, chaos reigns. 

I can’t bear chaos.

I don’t use a whiteboard. A crew of one is easier to wrangle.

But I do use my COS hat to stay on track with what I want to achieve in a year.

Like the COS, I have a regular check in to see what’s been done, what needs doing and where I’ve drifted from my original path.

Then I make a plan. Some people do this every three months but for me, it works better every month. 

My March plan.

2022 AIM #1 Increase my email subscribers. 
Goal: Increase my profile. 
Action: Post on social media three times a week to help people to:  
– Trust me, by sharing info & insights.
– Like me, by sharing personal stuff.
– Know what I can do for them, by promoting my services. 

2022 AIM #2 Take on more personal coaching clients.
Goal: Get testimonials for my coaching.
Action: Offer a special coaching package*:
– Four x 60-minute personal sessions.
– Reduced rate of $380 for all sessions.
– In exchange for testimonials and shares. 

2022 AIM #3 Write my first book (non-fiction).
Goal: Commit to getting this done. 
Action: Ensure accountability and outcomes by:
– Publicly commit (done!)
– Contact potential interviewees.
– Set timeframe.
– Collate research and own stories. 
– Work on it every day, even briefly.

It’s easier to know what’s next.

Let me admit here – I’m not super-organised by nature. I’m easily distracted and a huge procrastinator. 

But if I stayed in that lane, I’d never get anything done. And there’s a lot I want to do – that I enjoy doing.

Putting on my COS hat to make a plan and create daily to-do lists off that plan is what works for me.

How about you?

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