Content Writing Groups

Are you falling behind with blogging, newsletters and other content because you don’t have enough time?

Having trouble working out where to start – so you don’t?

Finding it hard to stay motivated with nobody to bounce ideas off or to cheer when you hit publish on a long overdue post?

That’s why I run Zoom Content Writing Groups for women.

Each group meets weekly over four weeks, starting each session with a check-in to help keep you on track. Then you’ll get around 30 minutes to work on your writing. We finish with another check-in and then outline plans to keep momentum going through the week. The sessions are limited to just four participants to encourage maximum interaction. The cost is A$95 for all four sessions.

Tuesday night session – 7.30 to 8.30pm (AWST). Runs 16 November to 7 December 2021.

Saturday morning session – 10am-11am (AWST). Runs 20 November to 11 December 2021.

My Content Writing Groups are for women who ’should’ be writing to grow a business or profile.

The group provides accountability, strategies, and support in a safe and encouraging environment.

In just one hour a week, you can build the writing habits that aid momentum.

You’ll spend time writing in each session but you’ll also be encouraged to report on your goals and what you’ve managed to get done. No matter how small it feels, every step gets you moving forward.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.  

As a journalist and TV producer, I was always part of a team, working to a deadline in an environment that promoted productivity and creativity. 

But I floundered when I first struck out on my own as a freelance journalist and content coach.

Sometimes I’d be on fire, writing consistently and publishing work that felt just right. Then life would interrupt, and the momentum would stall. It could be weeks before I got the rhythm back and not only was it hard work but I felt bad about myself. Disappointed. Frustrated. Guilty. 

Things only got better when I thought back to my news days.

Year after year of writing on demand, sometimes under intense pressure, had given me good writing habits that I could still call upon even though I was no longer working in newsrooms.

My Content Writing Groups help build good habits. 

For A$95, you’ll get four weeks of accountability, encouragement, and guidance.

Over time, you’ll have the writing habits in place so you can be…

  • Writing more often.
  • Writing for shorter durations.
  • Publishing more regularly.

Your content momentum will be up and running and so will your confidence. Finally, you can feel happy about what you’re publishing. Isn’t that what we all want?