My TV background means I know how the media works.

So naturally, a lot of business owners ask me how to get media coverage.

Could I get on the TV news?

Would my business make a good story for a current affairs programme?

Do you think radio or podcasts would be interested in what I do?

Spotlight on two people within a crowd of people

The answer is usually a definite maybe. But there’s a more important question to ask yourself first.

Am I ready for media attention? 

Exposure to a bigger audience can certainly be a tipping point but if you are not ready, it can be a waste of time at best and a disaster in the worst cases.

You’re NOT ready if you struggle to explain clearly and convincingly what you do and why it matters. 

You ARE ready if you feel great when you’re talking about what you do, and you know that people easily understand what you’re talking about. 

You’re NOT ready if you go into an interview without knowing what you want the audience to remember long after the interview airs. 

You ARE ready if you have three to five key points – short, relevant, memorable – that you want to make in the story – and you do. 

You’re NOT ready if you don’t know anything about the media outlet and their audience, or anything about the angle they want to take on the story.

You ARE ready if you know what programmes and podcasts have the kind of audience that would like and care about the stories that only you can tell. 

You’re NOT ready if you’re flattered to get the call to be interviewed AND you’re not really sure why they’re interested in you. 

You ARE ready if you know straight away why they’re calling you and you’re happy about it. You feel comfortable asking them what the angle will be, what sort of questions they’ll ask and when the story will air. 

You’re NOT ready if you don’t know what you hope to get out of the exposure.

You ARE ready if you know what you want it to bring AND you are ready for it – website honed, social media in good shape and products or services ready to go.

Whether it’s a podcast interview or a spot on the nightly news, the idea of exposure to a bigger audience can be enticing.  But if the media come looking for you, make sure you’re ready to be found.