I’ve worked out the thread between everything I’ve done.

My best work involves helping someone to fulfil their potential.

I loved it as a television journalist and producer, then when I became a teacher and now specialising in marketing and communications. Even when I was raising two sons, I took on voluntary roles ( national delegate for Defence families; newsletter editor for special forces families) where I could help bring out people’s best.

Every role has been most satisfying when I’ve used my writing and editing skills, my curiosity and empathy, my love of collaboration to help people shine brighter.

I started as a TV reporter in country NSW.

Taree is where 60 Minutes‘ Liz Hayes started and the lovely people there assured me I’d join her at Channel 9 one day! I did with Liz at the Today Show, after a detour to Alice Springs for ABC News and 7.30 Report.

As a reporter, you bring together the people with stories to tell and the people who need to hear them. I’m still proud of helping get a second police officer for one small town, where the lone officer was burned out from having to deal with car crash after car crash on a bad stretch of highway. Our story highlighted the unseen cost of the road toll and within months another officer was sent there.

Behind the camera was better

When I moved to Nine News Sydney, I also moved behind the camera and found my passion – producing and sub-editing to bring out the best in the reporters’ work. I loved it. I was an adrenaline junkie so my favourite role was putting the news to air – nothing like live tv to get the heart racing. From news, I went on to produce for the Today Show and got to work with Liz at last. It was my favourite job of all and I left only because my heart was pulled back to Perth and my family.

My last TV job was bureau producer for A Current Affair, which really kept me on my toes until I started a family of my own. After that came the volunteer roles (combined with a couple of university degrees) followed by a year of teaching and finally where I am today, marketing and communications.

Still helping people get to where they want to be

Above all, I’ve learned that when you focus on helping people get what they need, it’s easier to reach your own goals.

Finding out about them and really caring, sharing your knowledge and resources, connecting them with opportunities to grow.

Being there for your people is what counts now.

It’s not about conning them. It’s about meeting their needs – tapping into their wants and touching their hearts.

I’ve seen growth so many times as a business owner realises that sharing to meet people’s needs can actually be the way to achieve their own dreams.

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. Kelly Hine, Body and Soul Retreats

I helped Kelly when she was stuck trying to create her first video. She thought it was a problem with script writing but actually, it was a mindset block. She hadn’t realised how important it was to let people know her own journey with mindfulness and meditation to relieve stress. By sharing something of herself, Kelly gave people a chance to get to know and identify with her. They could picture themselves, just like Kelly, gaining so much from what her business offers.

It was fantastic to have someone look at my business with fresh eyes and offer insightful feedback. Sherene’s passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story in a meaningful and entertaining way offers a fresh way of marketing for small business owners.

Kelly’s struggle is a common one for solo business operators, especially women. They are often reluctant to acknowledge their own expertise and share their successes as well as their challenges.

I’m fortunate to have the training and experience that can help people master the skills and confidence to use writing and video to connect with the audience they want.

If you want to know more about my background and career, there’s more detail on my Linked In profile.

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