I’m a journalist by background, and nature, who fell into marketing. I relish the storytelling – data not so much.

Any expertise I’ve gained over the years stems back to my training and experience in TV news and current affairs. It really helps in my current role in managing marketing and community engagement for a private school in the Perth Hills. If you want to know more about my different roles and experiences, check out my Linked In profile.

So now marketing is my day job, which is excellent for me – I love to share stories about great things, and there’s certainly lots of good material in a school environment.

This website is about my side project – exploring content marketing and content creation within the business arena. I launched it in 2015 when I was freelancing, doing content writing and content coaching for small to medium-sized businesses. Then life took some interesting turns, and I ended up being employed full-time. But I’m still passionate about better ways to serve an audience with great content, and committed to sharing what I know and learn with anyone who might want to learn more too. Which is what I’m doing here through 2019.

What else? Well, I aim to be a good friend and useful ally. I’m certainly endlessly curious and at my core I’m probably an explorer. I like to investigate ideas then share them with others who might find them useful and inspiring too.