A treasured letter from Peter Overton (and yes, written last century…)

I’m a journalist by nature and was lucky enough to have my natural inclinations nurtured through a career in television, first as a reporter then as a producer. Among the shows I’ve worked on are Nine News Sydney, A Current Affair, Today Show and the ABC’s 7.30 Report.

I was lucky too because I worked with and learned from some of the best in the business. Some of the names you may know – people like Peter Overton, Ray Martin, Liz Hayes.

They are household names in Australian television because they are exceptionally talented and hard-working. They are also exceptionally nice people, which is why I’ve mentioned them here. There are others I’ve worked with whose names I wouldn’t bother to include because they just don’t fit the bill of nice people. That’s important to me – and important for you to know about me.

Then there are those whose names might not be so familiar but whose exacting standards and mentoring also shaped my career and my contribution to the industry. News directors like Peter Meakin and Ian Cook;  and friends who started with me in the Nine newsroom like former Sky News Australia boss Angelos Frangopoulos.

I mention these people not to drop names but to reassure you that I have learned from a wide and varied field of professionals about serving an audience. Along the way, I have developed my own style and approach to content creation but I never forget that the foundations were set during my years in television.

It’s been a while since those TV days but the skills and experiences have served me well as I’ve raised our two sons, completed two degrees (Bachelor of Sociology and Bachelor of Education) and moved into communications and marketing.

Now I’m on a mission to help people and organisations distinguish their voice through authentic content and communications.

My work includes writing, consulting and coaching to equip anyone who is purpose-driven and values-based to make a difference by using their real voice and stories.

Please do touch base with me if you want to know more about how to use your voice to make a difference, for yourself and for the world.

Email me, book a complimentary first session,  sign up for my weekly email or head over to Linked In, where I post articles regularly.

It would be my honour to help.