Who I am

I didn’t stand out at school in English class.

I was more the invisible type, overshadowed by the high achievers and the noisy disruptors. I was quiet and I didn’t always understand why English was more about the rules and less about the creativity. 

Then when I was fifteen, I won an award for writing.

It put me in the spotlight and turned out to be a defining moment.

When our Principal, Mr Naughton announced his essay competition, I knew I wanted to win. Not for the prize (a pen – just a pen!) but for the recognition.

I wanted to be invisible no longer, even if just briefly.

I didn’t rate my chances based on writing skills alone but I knew Mr Naughton loved Aussie Rules football so I included some sporting references to help my essay stand out. 

I have no idea what my topic was and I don’t remember my sporting references but for the first time, I wrote for my audience and it worked.

This story is central to who I am and the way I work.

It’s all about the audience and it always has been.

As a journalist with a TV news and current affairs background, I’m trained to know how to create content that the audience wants and needs. The experiences I’ve had as a TV producer mean that I can spot the opportunities for telling the best stories in a better way. It’s a powerful approach for marketing your business.

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business.

Kelly Hine, Body and Soul Retreats

A couple of years ago, when Kelly was starting out she asked me to help with her first video. Her husband is a professional cameraman and she knew she should do them. But she kept putting it off and didn’t understand why.

Once we’d chatted for a while, it became obvious.

She was struggling because she was still unsure about who to be on camera. Once I pointed out that she was the most important part of her business, it all fell into place. She relaxed on camera, shared her own journey and gave people a way to connect with her and trust her. These days, Body and Soul Retreats is thriving and Kelly’s videos are a major part of her marketing.

It was fantastic to have someone look at my business with fresh eyes and offer insightful feedback. Sherene’s passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story in a meaningful and entertaining way offers a fresh way of marketing for small business owners.

Since leaving TV to raise a family, I’ve done a couple of degrees and a lot of writing for non-profit organisations. I’ve even done some teaching.

Now I’m helping business people to LOVE creating content.

My training and experience as a journalist mean that I know how to set up the best practices for writing effectively. And just as powerful, I know how to help people develop the right thinking skills so the job is half done before they sit down to write.

My Linked In profile has all the details about my career but if you’re more interested in how I can help you, head to my services page or send me an email to book a free twenty minute consultation about your writing challenges.  

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