Who I am

I’m driven by a desire to help people love getting great at writing and video to showcase their business.

A career in television journalism has taught me a lot about getting and keeping an audience which is vital for success in business in the digital age.

Above everything I’ve learned, there’s one thing that counts more than anything else especially today.

Writing for your audience, not just for yourself, is the way to win people over. 

It’s something I worked out in high school when I won the Principal’s Writing Award for English.

I wasn’t a top student but I really wanted to win.

Knowing that the principal was a sports nut and he’d be the only judge, I included a few sports metaphors to get my point across and help make my essay more interesting (I hoped).

It did – I won first prize and got the lesson I’ve never forgotten.

It’s not about conning the audience. It’s about meeting their needs, tapping into their wants and touching their hearts.

In my career as a broadcast journalist, I was trained to write to give people what they want and need.

Now I use my training and experience to help others spot their own real stories and tell them in a better way.

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business.

Kelly Hine, Body and Soul Retreats

Kelly Hine asked for my help when she was just starting out. She was trying to create her first video but was having trouble with the script. She thought the writing was the problem but actually, it was more about Kelly giving herself permission to step into the spotlight (literally and figuratively).

Once Kelly accepted that she was the most important part of her business, it all fell into place. By developing more confidence, she was able to relax about sharing her personal journey and that gave people a way to connect with her.

It was fantastic to have someone look at my business with fresh eyes and offer insightful feedback. Sherene’s passion for getting inside the heart of a business and helping tell a story in a meaningful and entertaining way offers a fresh way of marketing for small business owners.

Kelly’s struggle is a common one for solo business operators, especially women. They are often reluctant to acknowledge their own expertise and share their successes as well as their challenges.

I’m fortunate to have the training and experience that can help people master the skills and confidence to use writing and video to connect with the audience they want.

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