About me

I’m an award-winning freelance journalist, experienced in content marketing and specialising in Education, Health and Lifestyle. Mind you, a news background means I can write pretty much anything.

As well as providing writing and editing services, I’m also a communications consultant. I help people in business improve their content voice and strategy.

In a nutshell

I was a television journalist for 12 years, working on national and statewide programmes. These included the Today Show and A Current Affair, Nine News Sydney and Seven News Perth, and 7.30 Report for the ABC when I was in Alice Springs.

Despite winning a couple of awards for reporting, I prefer the producer’s role. There’s more focus on writing, storytelling and content creation.

For a while, I detoured away from journalism – to have children and take on tertiary studies, completing degrees in education and sociology.

I’ve taught television reporting at WAAPA (the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts). I’ve been a defence wife, living in Jakarta for three years on an Australian Embassy posting and filling volunteer roles at the international school our sons attended.

I’ve used my communications skills to support defence families, as a state representative for Defence Families of Australia and as a newsletter editor for the SASR Auxiliary, a support group for partners of special forces soldiers.

More recently, I was the Communications and Marketing Manager for a private school. I was responsible for a wide range of content creation including media articles, blog posts, newsletters, annual reports and social media. Not just text – photos and video too.

At the same time, I’ve been creating original content as a blogger, writing about how to be genuine and worthwhile for an audience. My goal is to encourage would-be thought leaders to raise their voice in the world. In ‘The Sunday Letter’, my free fortnightly email to subscribers, I explore how we can build the courage and capabilities to serve the people who can benefit from our work.

Get in touch if you have a writing or editing project that you think I could help with, or if you want to collaborate to bring your voice and message to a bigger audience.