The style icon knew the power of brand advocates.

When Coco Chanel launched her first fragrance, the now classic Chanel No.5, she did it without advertising or marketing.

She did it by building an audience.

First she invited a select group of friends to dine with her at a restaurant on the French Riviera where she sprayed the air with the classic scent, creating a buzz among her guests and pretty much every woman who passed by.

Her ‘official launch’ was just as exclusive. On the fifth day of the fifth month, a handful of high society women were presented with gift bottles of Chanel No.5 at her exclusive rue Gambon boutique.And once again, the new scent was wafting through the air for all to delight in.

From that exclusive event, Chanel’s carefully chosen first influencers did the marketing for her and word of lipsticked mouth entrenched Chanel No.5 as an iconic brand.

Mademoiselle Chanel knew how to stay true to her own stylish values and still woo customers.

That was in 1921 and Chanel has obviously run many marketing campaigns since then. But what a powerful way to introduce a product. Not by simply hoping to capture attention with advertising, but by giving value and building an audience with the right people, in the place where they loved to hang out.

Audiences today want businesses that can do the same and when businesses deliver, the sweet scent of success lingers.