One of my dearest friends is a schoolteacher.

Recently she told me something that made me wish I was at school right now.

Teachers now put great emphasis on the word ‘yet’.

Children are encouraged to say, ‘I am not good at that yet.’ ‘I can’t do that yet.’

Yet is a state of mind.

It’s probably due in part to the work of Carol Dweck, an American psychologist who wrote a book called Mindset.

You can find out more about Dweck’s work here but in essence, Mindset is about what people believe about learning and intelligence. When they believe they can get smarter, they see the point of working at it.

By using the word ‘yet’, schools reinforce effort and downplay the idea of innate ability.

Yet applies to confidence too.

You may not be confident enough to publish. Yet.

You may not be publishing consistently. Yet.

You may not be ready to think about this. Yet.

But just because you’re not doing or feeling it YET, doesn’t mean you never will.

There’s an audience for you out there, hoping that one day you will get beyond ‘Yet’.

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Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash

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